Regular drying of the instrument

When you finish playing the instrument, thoroughly dry all its parts and the body interior with a cleaning swab. In this way, we keep the instrument clean and enable its long lifeUnwiped drops pour down into the pads which can rot and the wooden parts can swell and crack (most often it happens with the barrel and upper joint).

Metal parts should also be wiped and re-shined. The instrument, cleaned in that way, should be put in the case to protect it from cracks, temperature changes and moisture.

Drying cloth can easily be made from a handkerchief. To one of its ends, tie a string with a metal weight wrapped in a piece of cloth to avoid damages to the interior of the clarinet.

The clarinet should be dried during rests in playing sessions as well. Simply just remove the mouthpiece and let the weight drop through from the barrel end to the bell end pulling the swab through the instrument several times.

The mouthpiece is not cleaned this way at all because it will scratch its tip and the parts of the plastic which are of vital importance in the producing of toneWe can just wipe it with lukewarm water (but not the cork) and dry it without pressure with cotton wool or soft cloth.

The reed should be thoroughly dried and then stored in its box.

Before assembly, we should dry all cork parts and apply some cork grease.

Springs, joints and screws should be oiled every three or four months. It is advisable to have the instrument serviced once a year.

The clarinet must not be exposed to rapid changes in the temperature (e.g. from a cold to warm room) because it can cause wood-cracking. Do not leave the instrument in direct sunlight.

The clarinet should not be placed on or near the radiator.

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