An integral part of life of a professional musician is public appearance. Therefore, it is very important that you perform in public as many times as possible from the very start. Public performances show your work and how you present yourself.

    In the first year of learning you should appear in public 4 to 5 times at least. It  begins with the easy pieces. Collections that I wrote will be very useful to students , because they contain a large range of suitable pieces. These are: The Singing Clarinet I-IV, Merry days in the music school, Easy clarinet duos I-II, as well as transcriptions Great masters for clarinet I-VI.

    You should get accustomed to public appearance. It is not the same to play at home, in the classroom or on the stage. For performing in public you should be far better prepared, because you have much bigger responsibility. These performances help you learn how to play, and how to act in front of the audience. The stage has its own rules and “etiquette” (a cod of behavior) that must be learned and respected by performers.



  Successful performance is the right way to gain self confidence, affirmation and recognition. For this reason you should practice. It is well known that nothing is more motivating than success.

     The composition which you perform must be perfectly learned long before the day of performance. That day you should not be overworked. It is enough to play 5-10 minutes, because the “head” has to stay well rested.

Taken from my book
I Am Studying Clarinet II


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