42nd International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade/Clarinete

in collaboration with Oscar Adler & Co

RZ – Clarinet

Out of the friendship between the great clarinetist Milan Rericha and music-instrument builder Roman Zlesak came the idea of producing a new French – system clarinet. Now Milan Rericha and Roman Zlesak, in collaboration with Oscar Adler & Co. – Markneukirchen (with a rich tradition of fine handcraft in the production of woodwind instruments), are representing the new RZ – Clarinet. It is hand-manufactured to produce the highest quality.



Milan Rericha:

“From the first moment I got this clarinet in my hands and began to play it, I was sure that I had finally found both the sound and ease of playing that I had been looking for. At last I could put my soul into this RZ-Clarinet – not just by playing it but also by helping with its construction and improvement to give this instrument the highest possible quality. It wouldn’t have been possible without the precise and patient work of  Roman Zlesak.” 



There are two professional French models of the RZ-Clarinet. Both are in the pitch of 442 Hz and both have 18/7 silver keys.

The first model is made from Grenadilla wood with the original 65mm barrel (of Grenadilla wood) and the original bell (of Grenadilla wood).

The second model is also made from Grenadilla wood but has a special 65mm RZ-Barrel and RZ-Bell made from Cocobolo wood.

The RZ-Barrel and RZ-Bell are patented by M. Rericha and R. Zlesak and are made from Cocobolo wood.

The original standard barrel and bell produce a more focused sound, while the RZ-Barrel and RZ-Bell produce a warmer, rounder and more personal sound.




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