Bruno Brun was a prominent artist on the clarinet, a professor at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade.

     Slovenian by birth, born on 14 August, 1910 in Hrastnik – Bruno Brun first completed Military Music school in Vrsac, and studied at the just founded the Belgrade Academy of Music, in class of the professor Franjo Partlic. He graduated in 1945 and later spent some time in Paris improving his knowledge.

          His long and prolific artistic activity had begun thus: he had performed countless times as a soloist on the concert stages of Belgrade and other Serbian cities, radio stations, and also, in order to bring musical art closer to the broadest audience, in schools, cultural centers and on the other events. In addition to this, he devoted himself to subtle chamber music playing with the Belgrade Wind Quintet, and gave his great contribution to the development of our orchestra as a prominent soloist of theBelgrade Philharmonic Orchestrathe Belgrade Opera and the Symphony Orchestra of Radio-Television Belgrade. Warm, generous and well differentiated tone of his clarinet, brilliant technique, extraordinary musicality and sophisticated art culture will remain permanently in the memories of all those who were lucky enough to be partakers in live sound experience of the great artistic interpretation of Bruno Brun.

    Bruno Brun’s significance as an educator is invaluable. For three decades of his activity at the Music Academy, i.e. the Faculty of Music, he had formed his pedagogical laboratory with more than fifty clarinetists, a unit of top artists who now occupy prominent positions in the musical life of Serbia (and previous Yugoslavia). Milenko Stefanović, Ernest Ačkun, Mihailo Kelbli, Mihailo Živanović, Božidar Milošević, Ante Grgin, Nikola Srdić, Vladimir Žikić, Vasil Gelev – these are just a few clarinet players of younger and the youngest generation, who gained their knowledge in class of Bruno Brun. We can rightfully claim that Bruno Brun is the founder of the Belgrade School of clarinet, whose fame has surpassed the borders of our country – as evidenced by the fact that its founder was on many occasions invited as a jury member in major international competitions of musical artists.  
   A great enthusiast and admirer of his artistic and pedagogic profession, Bruno Brun – a man of  inexhaustible  energy miraculously hidden in his fragile body – had found time and strength to dedicate himself to organizational problems of music and art education in general. He was a “school person” in the best and fullest sense of the word. His work in this area occured at the Faculty of Music, Department for the wind instruments, in which he had laid a firm organizational foundation. Bruno Brun was head/chair of this Department for many years. He was also a pro-rector and then a rector of Academy of Art, now called University of Art, for four years. In that position, he firmly supported the recognition of appropriate high-level art schools and improvement of their working conditions through the construction of adequate school space.
     For his prolific work, Bruno Brun gained the Order of the Red Banner (1996), the Seventh July Award for Lifetime Achievement (1969) and “Dositej Obradovic” Award (1976), and he was also the recipient of numerous charters and plaques of different artistic and cultural institutions and organizations, as well as Plaque of the City.
    He was a hard worker who had devoted his creativity to unite his personal vocation of an independent artist and outstanding educator engaged in social works.

      His work remains embedded in the foundations of our musical culture.

Vlastimir Peričić


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