Learning scalesetudes or pieces of music should be done with a metronome. This handy device “discovers” all rhythmic discrepancies precisely.

       Students are very surprised when (playing with a metronome) they reveal the extent to which they are rhythmically imprecise. They are not aware of changing pace (tempo) ie. (speed of playing) in some places.

       Therefore, to achieve rhythmic precision and “build” it in yourself in time, make sure to practice with a metronome. It is important that, apart from metronome beats, you listen to what and how you play (tone, tonguing…).

        With a metronome you will practice in the following way:

         Musical parts should not be played immediately in the given pace (tempo). (For example: I = 120). Start to practice by repeating the part 3 to 4 times at a slower pace (eg: I = 76), and then repeat it 3 to 4 times at a somewhat faster pace (the next range of speed beats on the metronome, I = 84), then 3 to 4 times at even faster pace (the next range, I = 92), and then faster and faster (I = 100).

          If, for example, at this pace (tempo) you get stucked with some technical part, ie. you feel “uncomfortable” it is a sure indication that you should lower the pace (eg: I = 84) and repeat the above procedure.

       In this second round you will repeat each section 2 to 3 times only. You’ll be very surprised when you reach range of speed beats on the metronome I = 100, and manage to play the previous problematic position with ease.

        All of this you should  practice again, applying the same method, the order and procedure, as long as you do not reach the desired pace (tempo) easily (in this case range of speed beats on the metronome I = 120).

Taken from my book
I Am Studying Clarinet III


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