In the first textbook of my school I Am Studying Clarinet, entitled: WHERE CAN WE LEARN MUSIC?, it has already been said that learning music is a long process and does not only take place at the music school.

  Large treasures of knowledge are available to a student of music such as libraries, cd‑librarys, phonoteques, TV, radio, Internet, concerts and others.

        For entire development of the musical personality from the early-starting days of learning the clarinet, it is necessary to gradually begin creating your own music library, a cd‑library and phonoteque where all necessary information, knowledge and innovations in music will be available to you at any time. There you will keep your notes (various schools and pieces for clarinet), music books, music lexicons and various dictionaries, music magazines, photographs, newspaper clippings and music critics.

      Obtaining CDs, records, cassettes, video tapes and video clips from the Internet, make sure that they are valuable pieces for your instrument, not only for it, but obtain and listen to the orchestral and vocal music – it all contributes to the exspansion of your horizons and your knowledge – your musical maturity.

Taken from my book 
I Am Studying Clarinet II


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