It is well known that students do not like playing by heart, because they have not created the habit of relying on their memory but on paper before them.

       This way of playing should be practiced from the first day of learning the clarinet and along with other work. Thus a student gets the habit of playing the note text by heart, develops the memorizing technique and gains self-confidence and faith in the capability of playing by heart.

   At many International Competitions, participants are required to play the entire program or just a compulsory composition by heart.

          If you postpone playing by heart for some future time (eg, for an entrance examination for the Secondary Music School or a competition), trust me, it will be too late. The best supporter for any mastering technique and playing by heart is the time. If from today you begin to develop the technique of memory and you believe in yourself, the note text will simply “stick” to you. The former problem will become a pleasure.

          In your daily practicing plan, write down 5 to 10 minutes for memorizing the note texts. While reading a note text, read out loud all tones imagining that you are playing them, pay attention to the key signature, time signature, slurs and dynamics — everything, everything that is written. In other words, get familiar with the note text and study it as a song. You will always distinguish new and new elements which you have not noticed when playing.

Taken from my book
I Am Studying Clarinet II


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