There is no man in the world who has never had self-doubts, and has not been in panic or frightened in a critical situation.

         We all react differently in certain situations and have different level of fear of the same situations. Forming of our response is influenced by various factors of life.

Stage Fright trembling, sweating hands, nervous…

    Anxiety connected with the fear of public performance is well known to musicians. One’s performance anxiety is utterly paralyzing and someone else’s – inspiring.

         Trembling, dry mouth, sweating hands, instant forgetfulness, nervousness, inner struggle and self-examination: Do I know it? Will I succeed? Will I disgrace myself? What if I make a mistake? – are just a few of the side effects of performance anxiety and questions of regular issues imposed in such alarming situations.

       The scientific definition of performance anxiety reads as follows: Performance anxiety (stage fright) is the fear of failure.

Taken from my book
I Am Studying Clarinet III


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