This concept implies a balance and compliance of breath, tongue and fingers, without any effort and spasm.

     It has already been said in the previous school textbooks (I Am Studying Clarinet I-III) that a beautiful tone is the basis of our expression and that a good technique is inconceivable without it. It is said that lifting the fingers too high from the keys slows down and hampers the technique of playing. When changing tones unwanted nuances must not be heard.

        Tones played should in no way sound like the rush of an uncontrolled flood. Each of them must be played consciously under control and concentration.

       Therefore, it is required to play at that speed in which every single tone can be controlled consciously and reasonably (its quality, intonation and rhythmic accuracy). All tones should be unified in register, color and intensity.

      All the aforementioned characteristics of good technique can be acquired and developed  only by practicing on daily basis. In this way you also gain  the necessary personal responsibility for each tone played.

Taken from my book
I Am Studying Clarinet IV


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