Phrasing in music means a complete musical thought. Feeling for the phrase is the feeling for unity. Good phrasing means clear separation of music piece when performing, so that the listener can sense and follow a logical whole. Phrasing is an integral part of playing nicely.

     We could compare it with an actor or a speaker who clearly, vividly and expressively pronounces a text, stops in the right places, raises or lowers the voice.

Two groups (phrases) of four bars in the composition Playful Chords.
(Taken from the book by R. LazićV. Peričić The Singing Clarinet I)

    Read the note text. Feel where the beginning and the end of some whole is, where the place for a break is. Find out where the peak and fall of composition is, where the tone should be enhanced and where weakened (dynamic shading), where to speed up pace a little and where to slow it down..(agogic shading).

   However, it must be done with measure and taste, because the whole of the composition can be lost by fine excessive detailing.

Taken from my book
I Am Studying Clarinet IV


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