Music-making is a nice, clear  and expressive performance of a musical piece, the correct interpretation of the composer’s ideas, with the addition of personal experience (emotional impact) to be transferred to the listener.

    Compared to fine arts a note text is a drawing (sketch), music-making is an art painting, with all its effects — the feeling of space, perception of color, light and shadow.

     The conditions for good music-making are primarily talent and musicality, sense of beauty and extent, and music education and possession of an analytical mind. You need to know and feel what to put in the foreground and what is the second or third, which music units there are — phrases, what and where should be noted.

  You need to tell it all to yourself in advance, but only after learning the whole piece as written notes. Ask yourself: how do I want to play this piece — here I will begin a wide-cantabile, and I will emphasize this tone, I will start in this dynamic, and here I will make a crescendo or diminuendo, and so on.

      Do this several times during several days before the performance, until you are sure that you want and just need to play-make music and that is has become your property.

Taken from my book 
I Am Studying Clarinet IV


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