Mihailo Živanović was a very prolific composer. He wrote children’s and stage music, popular songs, pop songs, and concert music, as well as numerous compositions and arrangements for the Yugoslav radio and TV stations.

He continuously followed the developments in the world of jazz and light music and was always in the contemporary musical trends of his time. Over forty years, he extensively composed different genres of music with a great success. He wrote over 300 instrumental, light, and vocal instrumental compositions.

Mihailo Živanović (first left) and world-renowned clarinetist Tonny Scott (first right).

Until then, only foreign jazz music was played by Belgrade jazz orchestras. Živanović was one of the first jazz musicians who began to compose modern domestic jazz, and which he engaged in with a great enthusiasm. Živanović enriched Yugoslav light and jazz music with his great knowledge and activity, working up to the last day. Živanović’s many achievements have been permanently recorded in the history of Yugoslav jazz creativity.

He wrote the music and scene songs for the then popular singers such as Arsen Dedić, Nada Knežević, Lola Novaković, Bisera i Senka Veletanlić, Anica Zubović, Dragan Stojnić, Tihomir Petrović, “Lutajuća srca”, Đorđe Marjanović, Zafir Hadžimanov, Krunoslav-Kićo Slabinac (“Old oak”), Dragan Mijalkovski and many others.

He was one of the most prolific creators of music for children.

At a time when intensively engaged in the instrument, he was known as one of the most inventive and best soloist on the clarinet and baritone saxophone. He performed in concerts at home and abroad with a great success (Germany, Austria, Romania, USA). As a soloist, he represented his country at the Berlin concert in the series “Music knows no boundaries”.

At the Light Music Festivals Mihailo appeared as a conductor. He was the conductor of the RTB Light Music Orchestra and the first clarinetist of Belgrade RTV Symphonic Orchestra.

Mihailo was proficient in making arrangements and in this field left his great contribution and indelible mark.


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