Mihailo 1953.

Well-known trombonist Mladen Guteša founded Radio Belgrade Light Revue Orchestra on 18 January 1948. By the end of 1949. he invited Mihailo Živanović to become its member. Mihajlo was then a student of the Music Academy in the class of renowned professor Bruno Brun. For such a work and permanent employment, he had to get permission from his professor. Professor Bruno gave him consent.


Mihailo Živanović, Vlada Plotnjikov and Nikola Dajzinger, Bora Roković piano in 1953.

In the Revue Orchestra Mihajlo first played the baritone saxophone, and then the instrument which he had been studying – the clarinet. Radio Belgrade Revue Orchestra had many successful tours and concerts. Just to mention that one in Zagreb in 1953, which proved that Belgrade was the center of Yugoslav jazz.

Before the end of the study in 1954, persuaded by professors from the Academy, he left Radio Belgrade Revue Orchestra and got a job in the National Theatre Orchestra (Belgrade Opera) where he worked  four years (until 1958).

As a student at the Academy he achieved a remarkable success in the Yugoslav competition of young artists, clarinetist of classical music, in Skopje in 1954. There he won the second prize (the first was not awarded to anyone).

In 1955 he graduated clarinet successfully.


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