BELGRADE, April 11- 12 2013
Music school “Dr Vojislav Vučković”


Traditionally, The Republic Competition of Young Sеrbian Clarinetists is held every second year in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia), organized by the Association of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia. This year, the best young clarinetists of Serbia applied for a competition to show their skills, and their teachers their achievements in the field of clarinet pedagogy.


According to the Rules of the Republic Competition, participants in each category could select one from three given compositions, and complete the rest of performance time with pieces chosen by their free wish. They were divided into 5 categories according to age:

VuckovicPRE-CATEGORY: born in 2002 and younger
: born in 2000 and younger
: born in 1998 and younger
: born in 1996 and younger
: born in 1994 and younger

To avoid bias and irregularities that have for decades undermined the validity of this important event, The Association of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia, brought a wise decision this year – indicated trust to a neutral foreign expert jury for the clarinet which consisted of:

Stefano KarsiliStefano Carsili, who graduated in the class of Paolo Raspoti, and then continued his studies of clarinet with Professor Vincenzo Mariozzi. He plays in the Milan Symphony Orchestra, is a member of the brass orchestra and several chamber ensembles. He has received numerous prestigious awards in national and international competitions and performed at major world stages.

He has been member of the jury at the national and international competitions for clarinet and chamber music. Stefano Carsili holds master classes for clarinet and chamber music.

He worked as a teacher of clarinet and chamber music at the University of Kuwait and the Conservatory of Music in Manila.

He is also a professor of clarinet and brass section at the European Youth Orchestra C.E.I. director and a professor of clarinet and theory at the Music School “Una Sera All’opera” and a professor at the Academy in Milan. Stefano is a promoter of Italian handmade clarinets M.A.R.C.A and French handmade mouthpieces.

Stefano KarsiliVedran Tuce, who finished postgraduate studies for clarinet and bass clarinet in Bern (Switzerland) in the class of renowned professor Ernesto Molinari. He has performed in many countries of Europe and America. He was a jury member in several international competitions of clarinetists and a teacher in the country and abroad. He is very active as a soloist on the clarinet.

He is a member of chamber ensembles, often plays as a member of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera and BalletVedran Tuce is a regular member and one of the founders of the ensemble for contemporary art music SONEMUS. Many composers dedicated their clarinet works to him which he recorded on CDs.

He works at the Music Academy in Sarajevo as a professor of clarinet and chamber music, where he is also the Head of Department for wind instruments.

Stefano KarsiliAndrej Zupan, who has been a  member of the Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia for 10 years, solo clarinetist of the Ljubljana Opera and Ballet for 11 years. He is a  soloist and member of chamber ensembles and has recorded 21 CD. He is the founder of the famous Slovenian clarinet quartet with which he has performed all over Europe. He is also the founder of the trio in which he performs with his wife, Natasha Zupan, accomplished soprano.

He works as a professor at Music Academy in Ljubljana and at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet. He held a number of seminars and workshops for clarinet across Europe. He has been member of the jury of national and international competitions of clarinetists. As a visiting professor, he taught at foreign universities (Oxford – England, University of New York – The United States of America, Academy of Banska Bystrica – Slovakia, the Royal Academy – Belgium, the Music Academy in Sarajevo – Bosnia).

He also works as a conductor of brass orchestra KGBL and Eta Cerkno and mandolin orchestra in Ljubljana and is a director of the International Music Festival – Music Summer at Podsreda castle.


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