RL: Tell us something about your musical tours and concerts.

– My biography is really quite substential and rich. I was much in demand everywhere, the tempo was intensive …

In Baden-Baden, I represented RTV BelgradeWhile I played, the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra was behind me. When I finished the song, I received more tumultuous applause from the musicians behind my back than from the audience that was also delighted, and called me back to the stage for an encore.

The musicians knew very well how to appreciate my playing. The respect I have experienced from them is something invaluable. After the concert, they asked me to play and show them various irregular rhythms which southern Serbia abundance with.

A tour of the Soviet Union in 1971 is very important one in my life. We visited more than half of the Soviet Union. There was a storm and no one could go out of the hotel. I took the clarinet and wrote my first composition Vlaska storm.

When I returned to Belgrade, I recorded it. At that time, small records, singles were produced.

Božidar – Boki Milošević: Vlaška storm

– Up to that point, I was just a companion to the singers, and then I started more and more to establish myself as a clarinet soloist and composer.

I always say, I ‘ve become a composer “out of inconvience ” – so that I have something to play.

RL: Would you single out some other person, besides Professor Brun, who you are grateful for your success?

Duško Radetić used to work as a music editor of the Radio Belgrade Folk Music Reduction and he had a great influence on me. With him, I rose to the highest spheres of our national music.

Duško finished the Music Academy. He played the piano and accordion. He had his own sextet, composed of top musicians: Rade Jašarević, a violinist (who had completed only two years of the Academy, because the law changed,and those who did not have a great matriculation, could not continue studies), Vojkan Đonović a guitarist, soloist of the Jazz Orchestra of RTV Belgrade, Miloje Đorđević played the bass, Aćim Aćimović the drums, (when he went to America, Mića Đorđević replaced him), and finally I – Boki Milošević, the clarinet.

RL: Do you know the number of your records and CDs?

– At this moment I can not remember how many record CDs I have recorded. There are many. I have mostly recorded for PGP RTB.

RL: You are a performer of a great number of music works and have made ​​many valuable recordings?

– I have played and recorded all the music genres (from Mozart’s Divertimento and Concert for clarinet and orchestra in A major to Artie Shaw jazz concert, and through eternally living melodies to melodious Vranje and my compositions with motives of southern Serbia…) with Radio Belgrade, Novi Sad Radio, Radio Titograd, Radio Sarajevo, Radio Skoplje, Radio Zagreb and Ljubljana.


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