RL: I suggest we should dedicate this page to your participation in numerous festivals in recent years where you won only the first prizes.

– For example, at the Belgrade Festival (Sabor) in 1972 for my composition Cuno’s Round Dance (Čunovo oro), I got the first prize.

Božidar Boki Milošević:
Cuno’s Round Dance (Čunovo oro)

In June 1973, I participated in the International Music Festival of Clarinetists in Tunisia, where, in the fierce competition of clarinetists from around the world (25 nations took part), I took the first prize. The award was handed out to me by the president of Tunisia Habib Bourguiba.

There I performed my composition Kostana’s Mekam Dance.

RL: You mostly played your compositions at the festivals and they brought you fame of an outstanding composer?

– Yes. The same year 1973, at the Festival in Sarajevo, I won the first prize for the same composition, Kostana’s Mekam Dance.

Božidar Boki Milošević: Kostana’s Mekam Dance

RL: Do you easily find ideas for your compositions?

– I wrote Pastoral ballad on the beach in Sutomore. The idea appeared, I made drafts on a blank space of newspapers, and rushed to the hotel to finish the work.

I successfully performed the ballad at the Ilidza Festival in 1974. A musical miracle, which I am very proud of, happened there. For one composition I received 3 awards at the same time! I got the first prize for composition, arrangement and performance.

Božidar Boki Milošević: Pastoral ballad

The same year 1974, at the Belgrade Festival I performed Oriental elegy and won the first prize.

Božidar Boki Milošević: Oriental elegy

In 1975, Television Sarajevo organized the Folk Music Festival at the Theatre Mitualite in Paris. That’s where I played my composition Call from the Mountain, and won the first prize of the jury.

Božidar Boki Milošević: Call from the Mountain

RL: The Belgrade Festival (Sabor) has traditionally been our famous festival of folk music. I am proud of participating in it several times with my group “Dukat” and winning the audience award for my song “In the garden of Belgrade”. But, I am even more proud that in 1975, as a student at the Music Academy in the class of professor Bruno Brun, I sent my composition Pupil’s Round Dance (Đačko oro) for a competition and imposed one condition to the Festival Committee of the Belgrade Festival: If oro was chosen, it could be interpreted by none other but – Božidar Boki Milošević.

– Yes, it was the famous Belgrade Festival in 1975 when I performed the splendid  Pupils’ oro written by Mr. Rade Lazić, and again, I earned the first prize.

By the way, Pupil’s Round Dance used to be a soundtrack of Radio Studio B for the program An Evening of the Folk Music.

Radivoj Lazić – Božidar Milošević:
Pupils’ oro (Đačko oro)

(Sheet music in preparation!)

The composition Pupil’s Round Dance written by Mr. Radivoj Lazić
and Boki Milošević won the first prize at the “Belgrade Festival” in 1975.


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