RL: Twelve years ago, Draganić publishing house published your autobiography?

– Mirjana Milenkovic, a grandmother of our famous violinist Stefan Milenković, wrote a book about me and my life. I’d been thinking a lot how to name it. Walking along the street, searching for an answer, I came up with the idea that the working title of the book would be: ONLY RAIN FALLS FROM THE SKY, but everything else has to be earned with  honest effort.



RL: I wish that Boki Milošević, a very successful man and clarinetist, gave a few useful messages and advice to young musicians.

– Young people are quite impatient nowdays. They want to become artists overnight, to be recognized by the general public, to be popular, to have a lot of money, to be in the papers, to be on TV, but they have not done the basic thing, ie, have not mastered the craft!

For any job you must be skilled, because art is upgrading. The house is not made from the third floor, but from the base.



Work honestly and thoroughly, because that is a condition for long lasting career.
On the contrary, you will be of a short duration, such as wind-blown leaves.

Read books, think about life, take care of your health and exercise your instrument.

Woe to that one who works and looks at the watch to see how much of the working time has passed. That one is having great difficulty, because tomorrow is waiting for him, next week is waiting for him, next month and next year too.

The one who loves his job, does not suffer from any pain.



RL: The young clarinetist would certainly be interested in your way of working and how does  your working day look like.

– I am 81 now. Every day I sustain long tunes, play all the major and minor scales  because I always have to be ready to hit the scene. It’s hard to be an instrumentalist. All your life you have to prove yourself over and over again.

To maintain the physical condition and stay fit, every morning I do gymnastics and walk in the fresh air whenever I have the opportunity, which I try to make for myself constantly. Instrumentalists should, unlike the singers, tell a story without words (without text – with the instrument ).

Every day I am invited to perform on a television where we play live. For that, you have  to be in shape, good health, and to prove yourself again.

I equated myself with a boxer, because I used to practice box when I was young. How could I get to the show, if was not ready? How could the boxer spar, if he did not practice? He would not have the strength in his hands and would be knocked out immediately.

Therefore, do not let anyone knock you out, and do not do it to yourself by not working but only enjoying yourself.

Enjoy in what you have done – in the results of your life!

RL: Clarinet readers of this site will certainly be interested in hearing something more about your clarinet, mouthpiece and reeds that you use.

– I have been playing on the great French clarinet Buffet Crampon S1, since 1975, which proved to be excellent. Everthing that I recorded was done on that clarinet.

I have changed a lot of the mouthpiece and now I am using a great old Vandoren 66 which I have kept in a drawer for 20 years.

I use stiffer reeds Vandoren No 3 ½, because dynamic shading is much better performed on it.

RL: Thank you for being a dear guest of this clarinet site to the delight, I am sure, of his many visitors. Best regards and see you soon with new information about you, Mr. Boki Milosevic!

Best regards to all clarinetist and music lovers of Serbia and beyond. Boki Milosevic loves you!

Boki Milošević (right) and the author, Radivoj Lazić (left).


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