Andrej Zupan


Review of Literature for the clarinet
by the authors Radivoj LazicVlastimir Pericic

All schools for learning the clarinetduets, compositions and music written by Radivoj Lazic are the professional work that is very accessible to use.

The titles of the compositions are very clear, colourful and simple, while the pieces vary in severity and are intended for the appropriate stage of development of players. They are professionally acceptable in every way.

The textbooks entirely correspond to the plan and program of teaching, with modern views and new knowledge about the clarinet profession. They also outline the essential elements of modern teaching the clarinet and therefore contribute a lot to the attractiveness of Lazic’s textbooks.

Pupils, students and their teachers can find new works, interesting, usefully selected and composed for solo playing or playing in a duo, trio and so on.

I especially appreciate the content of the books because it presents the large number of pieces, which gives them the additional value and the adequate wideness. Overall, the books are a good foundation for high quality learning, improving and updating the knowledge of playing the clarinet.

The complete instructive literature for the clarinet written by Mr. Radivoj Lazic, with a didactic, methodical and professional approach, follows the appropriate level of the user. The usefulness of these works is great. They provide the pupil and student the opportunity to work with their teacher on researching its rich content, which encourages them to incorporate and express their creativity. In terms of content, The Instructive Clarinet Literature and textbooks by the author Radivoj Lazic are modern and very innovative.

From the didactic point of view, they are written on the foundation and needs of modern teaching. From the methodological point of view, it should be stressed that they lead the students to their own creativity, deepen their relationship with the instrument, music, creator, exercise and approach to the concept.

The author has worked out and implemented this meaningful idea professionally and innovatively. Enriching the knowledge of modern clarinet teaching is always needed and welcomed, not only for  professional experts but also for music lovers. All literature is intended for students, pupils, teachers, who work in music schools and academies, as well as for mature artists..

 Belgrade, 12 June 2013

Andrej Zupan

professor at the Academy of Music and
Conservatory of Music


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