Radivoj Lazić


    From the very beginning, pursuing a career as a clarinet pedagogue, I have noticed a lack of literature for this instrument. A dream to make all the necessary literature be at hand for the development of young musicians has come closer to reality. For 36 years, I have written 30 books for the instrument, 22 of which have been published so far.

Some of my books issued for Clarinet

     Working on this comprehensive project, I have had a lot of people who have been of great help. There were a lot of students, colleagues, my sons and, of course, the greatest credit goes to Professor Vlastimir Peričić for helping and supporting me to bring all this to a close. This way I wish to express my gratitude to all of them.   

Speaking on RTV Belgrade 1 (1 October 2013), professor Radivoj Lazić, talked about his books: – Concertino G minor is a piece included in my book Concertino G minor.

Speaking on RTS 3 (1996), professor Radivoj Lazić, talked about his book, Merry Days in the Music School, which had just been published by the Association of Music and Ballet Pedagogues of Serbia.

  On all promotions of his Instructive clarinet literature, the autohor, professor Radivoj Lazić, expressed his personal opinions, views, beliefs and goals in dealing with this huge project intended for young clarinet players and their teachers.  

The author’s Instructive literature for clarinet

  As far back as in 1978 I began writing Instructive clarinet literature. I have turned all my thoughts to looking for answers and solutions – how to learn to play the clarinet quickly, easily and thoroughly.

  Many works (8 books, Romantic Concerto for Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra, chamber works 3, 5 pieces for horn and piano, 7 small pieces for flute and piano, 7 pieces for oboe and piano, and 6 pieces for trumpet and piano, 2 solo songs) have not been published for financial reasons.

       Belgrade, December 8 , 2012

  Radivoj Lazić, Professor

Here are just the parts of the saved archival material from the promotional events that took place over a fifteen-sixteen years ago.

Parts of speech from an extensive and comprehensive presentation of the author Radivoj Lazić, professor, at the promotion of his school  I Am Studying Clarinet I-IV and its accompanying volumes of small pieces for clarinet and piano The Singing Clarinet I-IV. Music School Stanković, Belgrade, December 13, 1997.


Please accept the author’s apology for the poor quality of some videos (especially the next). They were recorded by the amateurs. At that time, the technique was less developed and it was much more difficult to find a professional one than today. Archival material has undergone many changes and got the distortion, because it was hard to protect it from damage in home conditions.

Short parts of the music program The World is Music of the professor Nikola Rackov (RTS 1 1999) in which the author Radivoj Lazić, a professor, spoke of his books written for learning the clarinet.


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