We will give here in the future several important Clarinet links that can help you learn more about clarinet, and also, e-mail addresses of well-known domestic and international clarinetists, pedagogues and composers for the clarinet.

There will be links and e-mails of the famous companies that produce clarinets.

• You can contact them and write to them-of course, if you want to • High quality clarinet info-site. Nicola Bulfone, famous Italian clarinetist (email address)
Andrej Zupan, famous Slovenian clarinetist (e-mail address and website)

Stefano Carsili, famous Italian clarinetist (email address) Milan Milošević, famous Serbian-Canadian clarinetist, soloist, chamber and orchestral musician and professor at Vancouver College (website)


If you have any suggestions for new links, feel free to contact me at the following address: