Here is an interview with clarinetist Stefano Carsili from Italy, the member of a jury of the Republic Competition of Young Serbian Clarinetists, Belgrade 2013

RL: Mr. Carsili, please tell me, when did you graduated and who was your teacher of the clarinet?

– I graduated in 1990 under guidance of Mr. Paolo Raspetti and then studied the clarinet technique with M° Vincenzo Mariozzi, the first solo clarinetist in the “Santa Cecilia National Symphony Orchestra” in Rome and a very famous clarinet player around the world.

RL: Where do you play?

– I play with the Symphony Orchestra (Accademia Concertante d’Archi of Milan, Nova Amadeus of Rome, Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan), Wind Orchestra and Chamber Music Groups.

I have also played in the famous music halls and theatres: Milan Chatedral, Frascobaldi Institute of Perugia, Todi International Festival of Arts, International Festival of Two Worlds of Spoleto, Municipal theatres of Terni, Grenoble, Annecy, Paris, Strasbourg, Dreux, Toronto, Munchen, City of the Vaticano, Dante Alighieri Institute in Alexandria, Cairo Opera House, ecc.

RL: Who have you played and recorded for?

– I have played concerts for Italian government and for R. A. I., Radio Tre, Mediaset Sky tv and TMC (Italian televisions and radios) and recorded for Fonit Cetra and Rainbow Classics labels.

RL: Do you teach Master Classes?

– Yes, I do. I  teach Master Classes for the clarinet and chamber music in Sogliano al Rubicone and Castrocaro Terme high level music schools.

RL: You are also present in national and international clarinet and chamber music competitions, are you?

– Yes, I am the member of a jury in national and international clarinet and chamber music competitions and collaborator of “Ripamonti”, Italian hand made clarinet and M. A. R. C. A, French hand made reeds.

RL: Can you tell me something about your music career?

– My music career is as follows:

In 2005,  I was invited to participate in the Changchun International Clarinet Festival and in Xian Conservatory (Shanghai) like a performer and teacher of the clarinet and chamber music.

In 2006, a winner of the International contest for teaching the clarinet and chamber music at the  Kuwait University, and in January 2008 was selected to teach clarinet in Manila’s Conservatory of Music.

In 2008, participated in the final competition of the principal clarinet by  the New York Philharmonic.


Stefano Carsili

I have got a title of an extra musician in the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

In february 2009, I was called to record from live concert, by “Discoteca  Italiana di Stato” with my trio “A night at the Opera”.

I am also a teacher of clarinet and wind instruments in C. E. I, the European youth symphony orchestra composed by the best musicians between 11 and 18 years of age, the director, and the clarinet and theory teacher in the “Una sera all ’Opera” music schools and the Academy.

RL: What are your impressions about the competition and your staying in Belgrade?

It was a nice competition. People here are so warm and nice. Everything has been well organized.

RL: Which compositions and composers do you prefer to perform?

I intend to put some pieces for clarinet which you have composed on my repertoire. They are nice and beautiful.

RL: Now, tell me what brand of clarinet do you play?

– I play on the clarinetRipamonti from 2000 (before I had a Selmer Recital and a Buffet RC).

RL: The young clarinetist, readers of this website, will certainly be interested in what brand and type of mouthpiece and reeds do you use to play on?

– I play on the mouthpiece of a Licostini with a different opening and I use Marca reeds.

RL: In the end, tell me will you come to Belgrade again?

I wish I would come to this city in October.

RL: Then, see you again in Belgrade. I wish you all the best and a very successful artistic career.

Thanks and best regards to all the young clarinetists and visitors of this site.