Melodious Studies II


Melodious Studies II

The Melodious studies are selected from the School I Am Studying Clarinet by Radivoj Lazić (see the list on the cover of this issue); here, they are provided with piano accompaniment worked out by Vlasti­mir Peričić, so they can be used as a refreshment in the teaching process, as a preparation for chamber music performance, and also as pieces for the pupils´ stage appearances.

The pieces from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd volume of the school are to be found in the lst volume of the Melodious Studies, these from the 4th volume – in the 2nd volume.

Programmatic titles are added to stimulate the pupils´ imagination.


Radivoj Lazić – Vlastimir Peričić

Introduzione ed Allegro

Many of the etudes for the school I Am Studying Clarinet I-IV, were written in the form of songs. One needs to know that all the etudes, which contain dynamic and agogic signature, were arranged for the piano accompaniment by professor Peričić and I and published in a special book Melodious studies with piano (I-II). So, young musicians have a double benefit when practicing:

1. they are making progress and at the same time
2. preparing a new piece for their future performances

That is the case with down performed etude No. 44 in my school for clarinet I Am Studying Clarinet IV. We called it Introduzione ed Allegro and it can be used as an etude, and if you do it better, as a piece to perform. Introduction ed Allegro is in my book Melodious studies with piano II.

Milica Jovanović, clarinet (elementary music school,
fourth grade, class of professor Radivoj Lazić).

Piano accompaniment: Jelena Cvetković, professor.


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