Vlastimir Peričić


I Am Studyng Clarinet I-IV

(school for elementary level)

   … The textbook I Am Studyng Clarinet I-IV makes organic completition united by a concept of unique and gradual ascending line application …

Part of speech of professor Vlastimir Peričić, a composer, music theorists, musicologists and music writer from the promotion of the book Merry Days in the Music School. It was promoted by the authors Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić at the Kolarac Foundation, March 19, 1996

      … The original author’s etudes and duets (a total of 325) are melodious and appealing for its musical content and the author intends to publish a textbook of etudes selected from all 4 volumes of textbooks with piano accompaniment, and also all the duets with the piano part. This will be a suitable material for introducing students in chamber music and for their internal and public appearances …

Professor Vlastimir Peričić, a composer, music theorist, music writer and musicologist. Video  from the promotion of books written by Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić. The Music School “Stankovic”, Belgrade, December 13, 1997

      … Schools are systematic, rational and gradual in schedule and dosage of material. Notebooks reveal that , emerged from the author’s many years of pedagogical practices, they set a solid basis for further study of the instrument in secondary music school. I am confident that the textbook will experience the full recognition in teaching practice …

       Belgrade, 13 January 1998

Vlastimir Peričić
regular professor of  FMU , retired


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