The Singing Clarinet II


The Singing Clarinet II

The Singing Clarinet is a collection of compositions for clarinet pupils on the elementary level. Its four volumes correspond to four years of teaching. Naturally, it is possible to use some pieces in the preceding or following year, in accordance with the student’s ability.

From his nineteen years experience in clarinet pedagogy the author strongly recommends that the pupils should appear on stage as soon and as often as possible. The scarcity of literature for this age was the stimulus for compiling this collection.

The clarinet solo part of these pieces was composed by Radivoj Lazić, and the piano accompaniment is by Vlastimir Peričić. In cases where solo part and accompaniment are by the same author, this is clearly indicated.

The author wishes to provide a complete source of material for elementary clarinet teaching by his School for clarinet I-IV I Am Studying Clarinet, Scale Studies, his collections The Singing Clarinet I-IV, Merry Days in the Music School, Melodious Studies with piano I-II and Easy Clarinet Duos I-II, and a collection of transcriptions Great Masters for Clarinet I-VI.

The continuation of this material, for pupils studying at the medium level, are the collections The Young Clarinet Virtuoso I-IV.

Radivoj lazić – Vlastimir Peričić

(Homage to Schumann)

I wrote the lyrical piece Moonlight (Homage to Schumann) having been inspired by the beautiful composition of Robert Schumann Dreaming.

Moonlight (Homage to Schumann) is a piece included in my book for clarinet and piano The Singing Clarinet II.

Ž. L. – clarinet, Svetlana Pantelić – piano.


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