I Am Studying Clarinet I-IV


I Am Studying Clarinet, school for the elementary level, in 4 volumes (for the 1st to 4th year of teaching). Conceived according to the newest pedagogical methods for rapid and successful learning of instrument, strictly observing the principles of graduality and continuity. Each volume contains:

– the exercises resp. etudes,
– several duos for two clarinets,
– a final piece with piano accompaniment (evtl. suggested for examination),
– drawings of fingering for each new tone,
– theoretical explanations (notation, species of time, scales, ornaments etc.),
– short annotations on conposers having written for clarinet (with their portraits),
– introductory texts (different for each volume): informations on the origin and construction of the clarinet and its kinds, tables of fingering, useful advices for pupils (breathing and finger technique, body pose, during and disposition of the time for practising, use of the metronome, rehearsals with piano, behaving on the stage, a survey of musical styles, the clarinettist as a performer and a teacher, etc.).

Scope of the volumes: I 58 pp. (+4 pp. of the clarinet part for duos and the final piece), II 53 (+8), III 57 (+8), IV 58 (+7).

All 4 volumes were edited by the Institute for textbooks and teaching aids in Belgrade, 1997/98, and were introduced into the official teaching program.

The author has retained the right for editing abroad, and in other languages.


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