Dejan Despić

Radivoj Lazić / Vlastimir Peričić


     In our environment  it is quite unique, and in the global music publishing , certainly, a rare assignment undertaken by two authors in an unusual combination – clarinet teacher Radivoj Lazić, Professor of Zemun Music School “Kosta Manojlovic” and Vlastimir Peričić , composer, widely known and credited as a music creator as well as a music  theorist and historian, author of more capital works in these areas.


Academic Dejan Despić, a composer, music writer, theorist and pedagogue – reviewer of books written by Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić. Music school “Stankovic”, Belgrade, December 13, 1997

They joined forces and different expertise to create a very extensive collection of instructional musical literature written for clarinet students from their first school steps to performing already demanding and representative musical pieces, some of which are usable for university clarinet training. In any case, this collection covers the entire lower and middle level systematically- that is, a total of eight classes of education, and although the authors did not give it a unique name, it can, without exaggeration, be called GREAT SCHOOL for Clarinet


Dejan Despić,
composer, regular professor
of Belgrade Music Academy, retired

( The Music Wave-Plus No.1/1998 )


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