Easy Clarinet Duos II


Easy Clarinet Duos II

Easy Clarinet Duos belong to the School I Am Studying Clarinet by Radivoj Lazić (see the list on the cover of this issue); here, they are provided with piano accompaniment worked out by Vlastimir Peričić, so they can be used as a refreshment in the teaching process, as a preparation for chamber music performance, and also as pieces for the pupils´ stage appearances.

The pieces from the 1st and 2nd volume of the School are assembled in the 1st volume of the Duos, these from the 3rd and 4th volume – in the 2nd volume.


Radivoj Lazić – Vlastimir Peričić

Merry March

Duet for two clarinets and piano Merry March is a piece included in the book for two clarinets and piano Easy Clarinet Duos II by Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić.

Duet performed by: Ž. L. – clarinet (the class professor Radivoj Lazić), Radivoj Lazić – clarinet and Svetlana Pantelić – piano accompaniment.


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