The Young Clarinet Virtuoso IV


The Young Clarinet Virtuoso IV

The Young Clarinet Virtuoso is an organic continuation of the analogous collection The singing Clarinet, by the same author, Radivoj Lazić.

Four volumes of The singing Clarinet are conceived as a supplement to his school I Am Studying Clarinet for classes I-IV of the elementary level (see the list on the cover of this issue); four volumes of The Young Clarinet Virtuoso are meant for classes I-IV of the medium level, but can also be used on the higher level of studying.

These compositions, arranged by progressive difficulty, offer besides their instructive purpose also a choice of pieces for stage appearances.

The clarinet part of the pieces signed with R. L. is composed by Radivoj Lazić, and the piano part has been worked out by Vlastimir Peričić; the pieces marked with V. P. are by Vlastimir Peričić.

In the memory of my grandmothers and grandfathers, who raised me

Radivoj Lazić


Concertino G minor

Radivoj Lazić – Vlastimir Peričić

Concertino G minor

Concertino G minor is a piece included in my book Concertino G minor and The Young Clarinet Virtuoso IV.

It was an obligatory piece on the Jeunesses Musicales Competition The Orpheus Laureates in Belgrade, May 23, 1998 and was written in memory of my dear brother Stevitza.

To make the clarinet well-played, the clarinetist should possess all the attributes of a good musician: great musicality, beautiful tone, nice staccato and good technique.

Concertino can be performed with piano accompaniment, or with a large symphony orchestra. The composer Vlastimir Peričić also wrote orchestral accompaniment.

LaureatesFestival of Talents of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia held on October 5, 1998 in Sremski Karlovci. Clarinet Ž. L. (the class professor Radivoja Lazić), piano accompaniment – Mari Bojić.


Radivoj Lazić – Vlastimir Peričić

Concertino G minor

Sorry, the video is not complete, lacking in Cadenza and Coda.

Partial video from the Jeunesses Musicales Competition
The Orpheus Lauretes held in Belgrade in the Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment in May 23, 1998. Ž. L. – clarinet (class of professor Radivoj Lazić), Meri Bojić piano.



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