I met an excellent young clarinetist (and pianist!) Sofija Molchanova long ago in 1998 at the Republic Competition of Young Clarinetists of Serbia, when, so young, she fascinated the jury and the audience in the auditory with her extraordinary music and thus overshadowed all the other competitors and won the absolute first award, gaining 100 points from all the members of the jury.


Let’s find out where the 26 year-old Sofija lives today, where she works, how her life has been until now and what she occupies herself with today

RL: Hello, Sofija! Can you tell us where do you live now and what do you do?

– Hello to all the visitors of this extraordinary and valuable clarinet site. I live in Augsburg (Germany). I work as a docent in High music school (Berufsfachschule) in Dinkelsbuehl. I am also employed in two primary music schools at the same time.

Besides all mentioned, I play a lot and perform in chamber music concerts, and I also work as aid in several orchestras such as: Georgian chamber orchestra, Junge Philharmonie Köln and Orchester Jakobsplatz München.

RL: Where were you born and where did you finish your primary and secondary music education?

I was born in the town Cherkassy in Ukraine. I first gained primary and secondary music education in primary music schools in Negotin and Zaječar, and after this I finished school for primary and secondary music education in Kotor (finished in 2003).

Igor Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo (I and II).
Soloist: Sofija Molchanova – clarinet.

RL: How was your further music education going?

– After I finished secondary music school, I moved to Germany in 2003. I first studied in München in professor’s Ulf Rodenhauser class at Hochschule für musik und theater. I graduated here. From 2008 to 2011 I studied at the Music academy in Freiburg, in professor’s Jörg Widmann‘s class – post graduate studies.

RL: What is your title at the moment?

– Docent for clarinet and chamber music / free artist.

RL: What awards and recognitions have you won and where?

Melis Peykoğlu: Two Folk Dances. Sofija Molchanova (clarinet), Melis Peykoglu (piano), Christian Bernt (bongo&conga drums) and Christoph Hobmair (finger cymbals&woodspoons)

– Until now, I have won these awards:

Before going to Germany

  • 1997 Special Award at the Republic Competition in Belgrade and Special Award at the Federal Competition in Kotor. I have won these Special Awards in both piano and clarinet disciplines.
  • 1998 Award for the Best Woodwind Performers at the Competition in Sremski Karlovci.
  • 1999 Special Awards at the Republic and Federal Competitions in Belgrade.
  • 2001 Special Awards in categories piano, clarinet and chamber music, in Montenegro.
  • 2002 Third Award at the International Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucarest in discipline clarinet, as well as participating in finale, in discipline piano.

After going to Germany

  • 2004 First Award at Chamber Music Competition Premio Seiler in Palermo.
  • 2005 First Award at Chamber Music Competition Individualis in Kiev.
  • 2008 Third Award at Chamber Music Competition Miranent in Barcelona.
  • In the same year, 2008, I was the finalist in the Second International Competition in Freiburg.
  • 2012 I won the Award of Oscar und Vera Ritter-Stiftung, for the achieved results in the field of chamber music.

RL: Have you recorded any CDs and for what publishing house?

– Yes, I have. I have recorded French sonatas for Clarinet and Piano / HandM Records.
Fr. sonate

RL: What is the brand of your clarinet, mouth piece and reed?

– I play on both German clarinets of the brand Dietz, Solist 21 and on the French clarinet of the brand Buffet Crampon, Prestige RC, mouthpiece of the brand Maxton D4-2. I use reeds Vandoren No 3.

For Buffet Crampon clarinets I also use the mouth piece Maxton-Mate1, and the reeds of the company Steuer, model Advantage, No 3.

Radivoj Lazić: Three Caprices for Solo Clarinet.
Soloist: Sofija Molchanova – clarinet. December 2013.

RL: Are you familiar with the works of Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić and have you used that literature in your work until now?

– Yes, I am very familiar with the literature, because I use it very much in my work with the students in music schools where I work.

RL: Do you intend to put in your repertoire any of my works and which one?

– Of course I do. I intend to record a CD with the works of the composers Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić, and I have already recorded 3 Capriccios for Clarinet Solo in a studio, I shall soon record Romantic Concert in A Minor and other works.

RL: Can you describe your working day for the visitors of the site

– I usually get up at 6.30 a.m. and have breakfast.

Then I go to the orchestra rehearsal (half an hour warming up orchestra, and then three hours of rehearsal).

Then I have lunch. After that, I usually have four hours of classes with my students. If I have any significant concerts soon, I gladly stay for a couple of hours to practice.

RL: What would you say about yourself that I did not ask?

– I like to travel, I like to spend my holidays on the sea, to read books, to listen to jazz and spend a lot of time with my friends!

RL: What would you like to say to young clarinetists and the visitors of this clarinet website?

– Persistence, work and will are the best conditions to achieve the wanted result.

RL: Do you intend to visit Belgrade in the future?

– Yes, of course! I shall probably perform some concert there.

RL: Thank you for your kindness and a nice interview, we shall meet in Belgrade. Until then, I wish you luck and success in everything! Cheers!

– Thank you. I wish all the visitors of the site good health, successful career and happy forthcoming holidays!



Winner of the
42nd International Jeunesses Musicales Competition
Belgrade / Clarinet

March 22 – April 1  2012


Stojan Krkuleski was born on April 12, 1986 in Belgrade, Serbia. He received his basic musical education in the Mokranjac School of Music, Belgrade, class of Professor Aelksandar Nikolic. From 2005 – 2009 he studied at the Belgrade University Academy of Music, class of Professor Ante Grgin. He graduated on 22 December 2009. with highest honors. Since 2010 he has been attending master studies at Musik Akademie der Stadt Basel, in Basel, Switzerland, class of Professor François Benda.

W. A. Mozart: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra A major K.622
1st Movement: Allegro. Stojan Krkuleski – clarinet & “Camerata Serbica”, Biljana Radovanović – conductor

He has won many prizes, the most significant being First prizes at the Jeunesses Musicales International Competition in Belgrade 2012, Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe in Zurich 2012, Marco Fiorindo in Torino 2010, Petar Konjovic Belgrade in 2008.

Stjan Krkuleski and jury member Milan Rericha, Professor

He attended master classes with renowned artists such as Paul Meyer, François Benda, Mate Bekavac and David Giffiths.  He has performed with youth orchestras – CEIYO, Bayreuth Junger Kunstler and others.

C. M. von Weber: Clarinet Concerto No. 2, Op 74, Mvt 1

Stojan Krkuleski
– clarinet

He has held numerous recitals in Belgrade and other cities throughout Serbia. He performed as soloist with the Basel Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Serbica, The Belgrade Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, Arte Chamber Orchestra  and Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra.

In the course of his studies at the Belgrade Academy of Music he worked  with the Serbian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Serbica Orchestra  and the Madlenianum Chamber Opera Orchestra.

C. M. von Weber: Clarinet Concerto No. 2, Op 74, Mvt 3

Stojan Krkuleski
– clarinet

Stojan is curently employed as a trainee with the Berner Symphonie Orchester in Bern, Switzerland.

In Basel he has worked with Professors Heinz Holigger, Felix Renggli, Thomas Herzog David LeClair and others.

In the course of his master studies in Basel he has taken an active part in concert performances in Switzerland, notably in the genres of chamber and contemporary music.

Claude Debussy: First Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano

Stojan Krkuleski
– clarinet, Elina Gotsouliak – piano


Milan Milošević is Doctor of Musical Arts candidate at the University of British Columbia, recipient of the British Columbia Arts Council Award, the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies Research Award and UBC Graduate Award for the Academic Excellence.
He is Legere Reeds Endorsed Artist, the Tarogato Stowasser J. Endorsed Artist, Backun Clarinets Featured Artist, and performs on Buffet-Crampon clarinets.
Milan earned his Master’s degree at the University of Arts, Faculty of Music, Belgrade. Milan is a guest lecturer of The British Columbia Music Educators’ Association, provincial specialist association of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation. He is a member of The American Federation of Musicians’ and The International Clarinet Association.
Milan currently serves as Music Director at Vancouver College and International Clarinet Association Canadian-Serbian Ambassador. Milan was a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Woodwind Ensemble and the Woodwind Quintet – Synergia 5. As for the Canadian part of his performance career, Milan has been a featured soloist and ensemble performer at the Groundswell – New Music Series in Winnipeg and New Music Festival with Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.
He has been featured artist in numerous CBC Radio 2, Winnipeg and Vancouver national broadcast and premier performances.  Most recently, Milan performed with Vancouver New Music Society, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Redshift Music Society and Virtuosi Concert Series at the Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall, University of Winnipeg.
The International Clarinet Association journal – The Clarinet CD review praised his extended clarinet performance techniques as: “eclectic, ground-breaking and innovative.” As for the Brahms & Beethoven recordings: “Lush and seductive…expressive & well controlled…mellow throughout the instrument’s range. “Milan is the Summit Records, AZ. Featured Artist and currently specializes in the use of historical instrument – the tarogato.
posterdma3, New