Emilio Alonso



  I met Professor Radivoj Lazic in Belgrade last year (2012) during the International Clarinet Competition, where I was participating and he was part of the audience.

After one of my performances he introduced himself and had the kindness to give me the scores of three of his compositions (in collaboration with Professor Vlastimir Pericic):

   Although I didn’t have time yet to study them properly, after just a first lecture I can say that these are very nice works, in a neoclassical style, so it would be very easy to reach the audience with them.

Svakako planiram da u narednom vremenu dela Lazić-Peričić uvrstim u svoj repertoar, a možda da ih snimim i na CD.

The Young Clarinet Virtuoso are little compositions, very appropriate for the medium level students and also are an ideal ending for a professional recital as an encore, for example.

Concertino G minor and Introduzione, Tema Variazioni are a little bigger challenge and both of them could result impressive for the public.

  I‘m very glad to have met Professor Radivoj Lazic and I’m proud to recommend his compositions to everybody.

      Spain, August 12, 2013

Regards from Spain,
Emilio Alonso Espasandín


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