Ante Grgin

   … These two well-known authors have made inexpressible contribution to music, musicians and clarinet. They wrote a lot of wonderful works which, to our and their satisfaction, are performed everywhere…

… These are beautiful works rich in harmonic and musical sense. The authors have contributed to the pedagogy and performance, because the compositions were written for children of elementary level of  knowledge up to a level for adults  with mature artistic  performing skills…

   … Such a high level of composers’ enthusiasm deserves every tribute and  support. So, I think that these two collections (Great Masters for Clarinet I-VI and The Singing Clarinet I-IV), ought to be published…

Extract from the speech of Ante Grgin, associate professor of  the Faculty of  Music Art in Belgrade and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra soloists – one of the reviewers of books written by the authors Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić. Music School “Kosta. Manojlovic” in Zemun, January 31, 1997.

   Great Masters for Clarinet I-VI collection is a rich anthology of pieces which will enable students to broaden their horizons by introducing the world’s musical heritage, and thus to reach their artistic maturity …

    … The entire collection. is conceived in terms of progressive instrumental and technical requirements, so that the first three volumes correspond to the possibilities of a primary music school student, and the other three – secondary school student. The transcriptions were done professionally, with the maximum possible respect for the originals, but also taking into account the specificities of the new sound medium in which they were transferred. They will certainly enrich our educational and concert literature for the clarinet.

      In Belgrade, November 6, 1996

                                                                                                  Ante Grgin,
Associate Professor
for Clarinet
of The Belgrade Music Academy,

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra soloist


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