Miloš Gerić


   In our milieu the publishing has commenced of a very interesting and valuable textbook on clarinet, prepared by two eminent pedagogues. 

Extracts from speech of Miloš Gerić, a professor and pedagogical adviser – one of the reviewers of books written by Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić. TV promotion of new books for the clarinet, January 31, 1997.

   Radivoj Lazić (b. 1953), a long-standing professor of clarinet at the “Kosta Manojlović” Music school in Zemun, whose pupils have won several domestic and international awards, carried out an extensive project, the edition THE ORIGINAL CLARINET LITERATURE – consisting of 26 volumes! – which includes complete instructions for elementary and secondary-schools’ students of clarinet.

   Composer Vlastimir Peričić (b. 1927) retired full-time professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts has also collaborated in carrying out this project.

     This series of clarinet literature – both in respect to its concept arid volume – is certainly unique in our music culture …

Miloš Gerić, a professor and pedagogical adviser – a reviewer of books written by Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić. Music school “Stankovic”, Belgrade, December 13, 1997.

   … I firmly believe that such a venture is much needed and useful for a young artists and that no clarinetists can be indifferent to it, neither a performer, nor pedagogue or student, even more so when there is not much world, and particularly domestic, literature for clarinet available. That is why this project undoubtedly deserves great praise.

       Beograd, July 13, 1998

Miloš Gerić,
professor of clarinet

in music school “Stankovic”
Pedagogical advisor


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