Great Masters for Clarinet III


Great Masters for Clarinet III

The collection Great Masters for Clarinet, in six volumes, contains in all 65 transcriptions of famous pieces from the world literature – from Bach to today.

Their arrangement by difficulty degrees corresponds to the elementary to medium (and partially even high)  level, and offers a large choice of compositions for the pupils’ appearing  on stage.

The redactor considers them being an important complement to his school I Am Studying Clarinet and his collections of original pieces.


J. S. Bach


(from the Sonata No 2 for violin and harpsichord)

SICILIANO by J. S. Bach and other famous pieces are in my collection of pieces for clarinet with piano accompaniment Great Masters for Clarinet (I-VI).

From promote collection of compositions for clarinet and piano
Great Masters for Clarinet I-VI by Radivoj Lazić and Vlastimir Peričić. 13. December 1997. Music school “Stankovic”, Belgrade, 13. December 1997. Performers: Mladen Trikić – clarinet (clas of professor Radivoj Lazić)
and Meri Bojić – piano.


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