Božidar Milošević


     Radivoj Lazić is an outstanding artist, a remarkable person and an exceptional educator.

       If he did not exist it would be necessary to invent him!

     Thank God that he lives and works here in Serbia to present us the clarinet literature, history and development of the Yugoslav clarinet artists and pedagogues. All this should be preserved in the right way for future generations.

Our renowned clarinet artist Božidar Boki Milošević gives his review of  The  Instructive Clarinet Literature by the author Radivoj Lazić intended for pupils, teachers and students.

     This difficult task that Radivoj has done is very fruitful, useful and serves the purpose. The young generations would be much poorer now if Radivoj had not undertaken it. He has presented us all that is going on in music regarding the clarinet.

      My message to young people is: Read and practice on his books, because Radivoj has told you through them how to mature and develop in the field of music.  His books are very educative, comprehensive and professional, what is the most important of all.

      Radivoj’s love for our instrument is so great and fruitful, and we should be happy to have him in our society and enjoy in his company.

      I wish him good health and a long life to write much more about the clarinet and music in general. Without good health nothing can be accomplished by hard work, not even this.

      Belgrade, 31. May 2012

Mr Božidar Boki Milošević


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